Subcontracting Services

MP Design acts as a carpentry, framing, and drywall subcontractor to major developers, providing rough and finish carpentry and framing for multimillion-dollar building complexes. We have a deep diversified bench of experienced workers and project managers on our team.

To prepare for a build, our team studies the contract and plans comprehensively, meets with developers, and visits the site. We use this research to develop work binders, ethical standards, and safety manuals for the build. This material comes with us to the trailer we drop on-site. This trailer is our secure office and holds our tools and equipment throughout the build.

Blueprints are analyzed, and the build starts with the usage of lasers, chalk, and paint to mark out all partitions and rooms according to the specific plan. Next the team lays the metal track and stud to control the pace of the trades that follow behind. Then the next phase begins of insulation, drywall and taping as well as installations and finishes. Each step is undertaken with precision and care by workers who are diversified in all fields. An onsite project manager, monitors the teams work to ensure the site is clean and build is on schedule while safety standards are met. MP Design is conscious of dedicating a specific safety crew to each site. This crew will periodically maintain and correct all safety standards set by DOB.

After the framing work is finished, a project manager and crew begin the final phase for completion of the build. We are always there when needed for call backs, Our work ends when punch lists are completed, the building owners & developers receive their TCO bringing them straight to revenue.